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Debbie Ali was born and raised on a tiny tropical island in the Caribbean, but now resides in Canada where she continues to hone her professional writing skills.  She is an international bestselling author, screenplay writer, Lifetime Achievement Award winner and so much more.


Debbie has been a professional writer for over 28 years with several credits to her name. She has started several magazines and newsletters and has also engaged in journalism and public relations after completing her BA in Mass Communications.  Her unique combination of natural creativity and professional experience in the fields of Communication and public relations affords her a unique writing perspective and style. 


Debbie completed her first fictional, historical novel at the age of 19 and has since reverently pursued her writing ambitions, venturing into the film industry with several scripts, 2 of which were produced. She writes screenplays for film and documentaries and is a ghostwriter for both fiction and nonfiction material.


In addition, she was a professional teacher for many years. Debbie is an outspoken and dedicated advocate of mental health awareness and has spent the last 20 years of her life counselling survivors of assault, trauma and violence.  She is a Lifetime Achievement Award recipient for her tireless efforts in this arena.  3gl Consulting is her company where she offers counselling services to those in need.

Debbie Ali harbours a genuine love for children and any individual deemed less fortunate or underprivileged, regardless of race, socio economic status or political affiliation.  This said, she has a natural love of nature and has been known to participate in passionate outbursts during her favourite movies as well as sports like football (soccer), F1 racing and tennis.  This in no way negates her first love, film and this has had a profound impact on her storytelling abilities. Her hobbies are movies, music, reading and of course writing. 

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