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  • Debbie Ali

Jesus and Mother Mary



I am being constantly asked to upload drawings or images of the likeness of both Jesus and Mother Mary as they appeared to me in my Heavenly encounter.  It must be noted that the images below reflect the closest images I could find to date on their appearance to me. 


With Mother Mary, it was quite literally the exact image of her in the painting, which to date as far as I am aware, nobody knows where it originated.  With regard to Jesus, the painting done by Akiane is the most accurate. His hair was a bit longer but the color was the same, his facial features were almost identical except His eyes seemed more brownish in color, but depending on how the light hit it there were hues of grey or green at times. 


Please note that both Jesus and Mother Mary may appear to other individuals looking quite different but this is a reflection of my experience, which I hold very dearly to me.

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